About Us

CHERRY BO2MB™ was created by Oxigenesis, the leader in oxygen-enhanced health and wellness products. At Oxigenesis, our mission is to inspire wellness through a combination of unique products and research-driven innovation. Combining cutting-edge science with quality ingredients, we are dedicated to helping others reach their highest health goals through our supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and sports nutrition. We believe knowledge is vital to innovation. Through rigorous testing and ongoing independent research, we have cultivated a remarkable cache of scientific awareness with expertise in formulation that keeps our company at forefront of the industry. We constantly seek unique opportunities for innovation in discovering new applications for ASO®. Above all else, we are committed to real products that generate real results.

OUR ROOTS: THE BIRTH OF ASO® While ASO® has been around for almost 30 years, the roots of the technology go back to the 1950's. Initially developed for water purification purposes, the engineers behind ASO® quickly discovered a dynamic range of uses and benefits, from cleansing the skin to boosting energy levels. Because it can be used both internally and topically, it has become a universal oxygen delivery system. Full of life-giving oxygen molecules, pH balanced, and all-natural, the potential of ASO® is popular among athletes, health professionals and wellness seekers. ​ ​

CHERRY BO2MB™ AND BEYOND In 2019, the evolution of Oxigenesis continues with CHERRY BO2MB being their most exciting endeavor yet. Founded on the principles of providing a safe alternative to energy drinks, the team at Oxigenesis has worked passionately to create an energy supplement that disrupts the stigma of traditional energy boosters. We have named CHERRY BO2MB accordingly to illustrate the explosion of vitamins, aminos, and essential minerals within a delicious, naturally flavored powder that lends itself as a customizable supplement that can be added to virtually anything. In 2020, Oxigenesis looks to explore the healing properties of CBD and its potential to provide organic wellness.